Since 1952, TruWest Credit Union has been serving members in the Phoenix and Austin areas. From our humble start as a Motorola Credit Union, we have worked hard to expand our membership reach in the community, our number of branches and the services we offer.

Take a stroll down memory lane and see how we got to where we are today. For members who have been with us from the start, it will be a whimsical stroll filled with memories and nostalgia. For new members or those considering us, it will give you a sense of our long history of service, what makes us who we are and our commitment to our members.


  • 1952 – On August 12, Motorola Credit Union (now TruWest Credit Union) is incorporated, servicing only Motorola employees


  • 1964 – Membership expands to include retired Motorola employees
  • 1965 – Our 8,000th member is awarded a transistor radio!
  • 1966 – We hit another milestone with 10,000 members


  • 1973 – Peter DiSylvester is named manager of the Credit Union
  • 1975 – The slogan “Once a Member, Always a Member” is implemented
  • 1975 – Membership expands again to include spouses and dependent children
  • 1977 – We celebrate our 25th anniversary


  • 1982 – Our name changes to Motorola Employees Credit Union – West (MECU West)
  • 1983 – Our home office branch opens, the first community branch in AZ
  • 1986 – We’re the first credit union to unveil “New Car Central” for one-stop auto shopping
  • 1987 – We hit 35,000 members


  • 1994 – We open the first community branch in Austin, TX
  • 1996 – We launch our first website
  • 1998 – We welcome our 50,000th member
  • 1999 – Our membership expands again as we welcome ON Semiconductor employees


  • 2002 – We receive approval from the Arizona State Banking Department and our members to expand membership to anyone living or working in the East Valley of metro Phoenix
  • 2003 – On January 1, members approve the credit union’s request to change our name to TruWest Credit Union
  • 2004 – Our membership expands to include anyone living or working in Maricopa County, AZ, and Travis County, TX


  • 2012 – TruWest Credit Union celebrates 60 years of service
  • 2013 – With 61 years of service excellence, we have more than 60,000 members and 13 branches between Arizona and Texas