Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

The TruWest Credit Union Advisory Committee is made up of two members representing the greater Phoenix, AZ and Austin, TX areas. These members provide advisory suggestions and make recommendations on potential product and service enhancements that might be beneficial to those in the communities we serve. We encourage members to reach out to the Advisory Committee with suggestions and concerns here.

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Susanna DeFranco

Susanna has been a TruWest member since 2011, and her term runs through 2014. When she is not busy helping add to the TruDifference or working as a Financial Planning Analyst at General Dynamics, Susanna spends her free time with her husband, lounging in the pool, playing with her pets or looking for new gourmet recipes.

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Clarke Straughan

Clarke has been a member with TruWest since 1991, and his term on the committee expires in 2014. Outside of his time spent on the Advisory Committee, Clarke leads an exciting life. During one of his many adventures traveling abroad, he spent time with the “uncivilized and wild” headhunters of the Igorot tribe in the Philippines. Having been told he would never make it out alive, when asked to partake in a ritual dance, he enthusiastically joined and “danced like I never danced before in my life.”