Member Alerts

We like to run a smooth operation and protect our members from scams lurking around the corner. That's why TruWest Credit Union conducts regular maintenance on our website. We will alert you as soon as we hear of any fishy (or phishy) business that may affect you. 

Check back often to see site downtimes, scam alerts and other tech updates.

Updated Browser & OS Recommendations

Learn more about the new updates to and how to ensure your browser and operating system are up to date. 

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Phishing Alert – August 2014

TruWest Credit Union has been notified of suspicious phone calls and emails. Remember, if you are at all suspicious, never give any personal information by phone or email.

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‘Heartbleed’ Bug Being Monitored

TruWest Credit Union is keeping a close eye on the "Heartbleed" bug you may have heard about. We have completed a preliminary assessment and have not discovered any vulnerability. We will continue to assess all our services and will be sure to keep you updated. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to help ensure that your information is safe.


Read more at about the Heartbleed Bug on CNN, click here.  

Security Advisory on Apple Devices

Last week Apple posted a security advisory regarding a potential vulnerability and security patch for its iOS platforms. Get the details here.

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Target Security Breach

Target has reported that their payment systems were breached nationwide from November 27 to December 15, 2013. Get details here.

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A message about our website to IE 8 users

If you are running on any browser older than IE 9, including IE 8, you may have noticed some things about our new website. Learn more about it and how to upgrade your browser for free.

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