Banking has never been more convenient and secure

It’s no secret that I’m an advocate for digital technology. When I stepped into the roles of president and CEO at the start of the year, I promised that TruWest would swiftly implement new technologies to make all kinds of financial transactions easier for our members, and I’m quite pleased to say that we've delivered on that promise.

Here are some of the most significant technological advances we’ve introduced this year to make your life easier and your financial transactions more secure.

January – March
TruWest ushered in the new year by launching Apple Pay, making it possible for members with Visa credit and debit cards to use Touch ID fingerprint technology on their Apple devices to pay for products and services at participating merchants, and prevent fraud. We followed that up in March with the launch of Android Pay and Samsung Pay, providing similar digital payment options for members with mobile devices made by other manufacturers. In March we also introduced Visa Checkout, which allows you to make online purchases without having to enter your card information. 

Building on some of the technologies incorporated in our virtual branch, we released a mobile banking app for Apple Watch and Android Wear that allows members to access their accounts, check balances, view transactions and find nearby branches and ATMs on their smartwatch. In addition, TruWest Visa credit and debit cardholders with an Apple Watch gained the ability to complete purchases t participating retail locations with a mere tap of their smartwatch at the payment terminal. 

April is also when we began offering our online mortgage application with an automated pre-approval feature that greatly simplifies and expedites the approval process. Prospective homebuyers can apply for a mortgage and receive a customized quote in minutes. Users can visually compare and choose different mortgage terms, payments, fees and rates to see which options best suit their specific budget. 

We were delighted to introduce TruWest’s eBranch, a concept we developed in response to growth in mobile banking used by our members. The eBranch gives members the ability to conduct virtually all banking transactions anytime/anywhere, including opening and managing checking, savings and retirement accounts, making deposits and applying for loans and credit cards. We also updated our mobile app so members can access the eBranch on a variety of mobile devices.

We added easy to read monthly statements to mobile banking, as well as a new “skip a loan payment” feature. 

TruWest became one of the nation’s first financial institutions to integrate ClickSWITCH into our members’ online banking capabilities. If you’re not familiar with it, ClickSWITCH is a web-based tool that lets you easily move your direct deposits and automatic payments from checking accounts you have at other financial institutions to TruWest. Now you can skip the inconvenience of contacting many automatic payment vendors, your other financial institution, or asking your employer to start sending your direct deposits to a different account. With ClickSWITCH, you can make the switch yourself from your home computer, and you can even close your old accounts after you’ve moved your direct deposits and payments over to your TruWest account.

Here at TruWest we’re continually looking for innovative ways to make your banking experiences as simple and safe as possible, so look for more advances in digital technology to come. That’s a promise you can bank on!