TruWest celebrates National Credit Union Youth Week.

Tempe, Ariz. – Apr. 15, 2014 – National Credit Union Youth Week is April 20-26. TruWest Credit Union is excited to celebrate this week and to encourage kids to Catch the $ave Wave. We have fun activities to teach our newest little members about currency and saving.

Visit a TruWest branch with your little one to learn more about how we help members make solid financial decisions. Plus, when you open a Share Savings Account for your child, they will receive a free TruWest piggy bank.

TruWest believes educating children about money from a young age leads to more financially responsible and successful adults in the future. Click here for tips to put your children on the path to financial security. From managing money and setting savings goals to paying expenses and spending responsibly, TruWest is here for your family and all of your financial needs.

About TruWest Credit Union
TruWest Credit Union is headquartered in Tempe, Ariz., and operates as a cooperative to provide its membership with a lifetime of quality financial services and a culture of caring for its members, employees and communities. TruWest is a strong and sound financial institution with more than 60,000 members and assets totaling more than $791 million. TruWest Credit Union has 13 branches–nine in the metro Phoenix area and four in Austin, Texas. For more information, visit

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