Choice Checking Account


We don't want you to settle for a sub-par checking account with fees. We want you to have the best, the cream of the crop-the Choice. That's why TruWest is excited to offer you an account that stands out from the rest with our Choice Checking Account*.

So . . . what do you think about lots of fabulously free, fantastically fun benefits?!

Perks you are sure to love:

Choice Checking: A perfect combination of free benefits and features you need the most.

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Additional Packages to Choice Checking

For just $2 per month per package, you can add our Debit Rewards or Financial Packages to your Choice Checking Account!

Debit Rewards Package

Receive 10 cents back on all non-PIN purchases with your TruWest Choice Checking debit card. Just sign for your purchases instead of entering your PIN-no hoops to jump through.

Financial Services Package

Get unlimited money orders, cashier's checks and travelers cheques when you sign up for this Choice Checking package today.

Ready to Sign Up for a Package?

Choice Checking Account members can simply sign in to online banking and access the Checking Change Request Form under Online Request Forms

*Must be a TruWest member to open a checking account. A minimum $5 deposit is required to become a member. Please refer to the rate and fee schedule for account rates and terms.