Brass Magazine Summer 2016

Young Today, Rich Tomorrow

TruWest Times is a quarterly eMagazine brought to you by Brass Media. It's the resource for young adults to understand money. 'Young today, rich tom­­orrow' is our mo­tto!

Gain insight on how to make, manage and multiply your hard-earned money. Also find helpful hints on preparing for a job interview, getting health insurance, finding cheaper ways to do the things you love, and more!

Summer 2016

This special edition of TruWest Times focuses on simplifying the complicated world of stocks and bonds, and puts it into terms everyone can understand. 



Living on your own is wildly liberating, but freedom comes with responsibility. This special section covers topics students will need to be aware of when they decide to live under their own roof, such as renter's rights, staying physically and financially healthy and avoiding roommate drama.


Winter 2015

Now is the time to start saving! Stash now, thank yourself later. Find out why saving money seems like a challenge. Plus, learn some key savings terms and how to start a savings plan that will work best for you. 

Fall 2015

Prepare for the important days ahead after senior year of high school. Our guide for the soon-to-be-graduate includes everything from applications for financial aid to finding your career path.