Brass Magazine

Young Today, Rich Tomorrow

TruWest Credit Union partnered with Brass Media to bring you real information for you, our rising generations.  Brass magazine gives you real information on how to make, manage and multiply your hard-earned money.  You will gain insight on how to develop a strong financial foundation in this rapidly changing world.  Find helpful hints on preparing for a job interview, getting health insurance or finding a cheaper way to do the things you love.  



Whether it’s the economy, the job market, or just managing the new stresses of everyday life, we’ll show how to stay adaptable and how it will help in the long run.


Fall 2014

Food is big business. You are where you eat: The reemergence of local food. 12 tips for stretching your grocery budget.


Spring 2014

Who wants to be a millionaire? Make your money grow and work for you.  Learn about saving, investing for your future and all the options available to you.


Winter 2013

Suit up, Clock in.  Interviewing tips and questions to ask.  Finding a job that fits who you are.  Expectations vs. realities of your "dream job."


Fall 2013

College and how to pay for it.  Why does college cost so much? How to select an education road map that best fits your skills and goals.