Saving for your retirement can never start too early. Of course, TruWest understands that you need options, so we offer different types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs): Traditional, Roth and Educational Savings.

The first account you will open with us is an IRA Share Savings account. You can then choose to deposit funds into this account or open IRA Investment Certificates. IRA Investment Certificates have a high-yield fixed dividend rate compared to the variable-rate of the Share Savings account. To view current rates, visit our IRA Rates page.
Once you decide to open an account, or if you prefer to ask us additional questions, simply visit your nearest TruWest branch or call us toll-free at 1 (855) 878-9378 (that's 855-TRUWEST).
Retirement Central 
Whether you are taking the first step or have been saving for years, this section is your one-stop shop for everything related to retirement planning.

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Traditional IRA Account

If you are eager to jumpstart your retirement savings, a Traditional IRA may be your best bet. These accounts tend to outperform other savings options because your deposits come from pre-tax income. After you retire, keep in mind that you may owe taxes on withdrawals (consult your tax advisor).

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Roth IRA Account

If you have more time and don't mind paying taxes now, this may be a good option for you. With the Roth IRA, you deposit funds using your after-tax income. So what's the bright side? When you retire, withdrawals may be tax-free (consult your tax advisor). 

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Educational Savings Account (ESA)

To offset rising tuition costs, we offer a Coverdell ESA that allows anyone to contribute to your child's future. This account matures without incurring federal income taxes, plus withdrawals may be tax-free (consult your tax advisor). An ESA could be a great option to start saving for your child's college days.