Social Responsibility - Going Green

Reducing our Environmental Footprint

We take financial matters very seriously at TruWest but it’s not the only sort of “green” we value! We continue to find ways to lessen our impact on the environment, including:

  • Electronic Document Signature – We recently implemented eSignatures on many documents that previously required a physical document signature. This not only drastically reduces the amount of paper we use, but it also makes things easier on our members. No more coming to into the branch to sign paperwork—we can email you the documents and you can sign them online wherever you are.
  • eStatements – Paper statements create clutter and waste paper. We encourage our members to be environmentally conscious and sign up for eStatements. Recently, we even launched OTG—our first entirely paperless checking account!
  • Digital Brochures – Many of our brochures are available online. When possible, we send product information to members via email rather than handing out traditional paper brochures.
  • Electronic Communication – Our preferred method of reaching our members is electronic. Why waste paper when we can get you the information you need to know faster via email?
  • Trip Reduction – We feel that it is important to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage our employees to carpool or use public transportation. We even offer incentives to employees who utilize alternate means of commuting to the office.